Indian Wedding

Last Saturday, I’ve been invited to attend friend of my friend’s wedding. Not invited actually but more to menemani :D I don’t mind pun sebab excited sangat sebab this is my first time attend Indian wedding! Semangat tu nak pergi siap pinjam baju punjabi my sis :)

This is the first thing attract my attention.The newlywed berarak with this handsome ferrari.

Entrance hall yang cantik berkelip-kelip

The beautiful peacocks made by rice welcoming us.

Ain’t she’s cute?

The food served to the guests

the gazebo; tempat pengantin makan beradab

the dancer of the night. They dance with ASMARADANA song.terkagum kejap!

All in all,I’m happy that I’ve been there, so I can learn different culture but to tell you the truth, tak banyak pun beza, sama je dengan Malay wedding cuma yang paling ketara perbezaannya, the DJ that night speaks in Tamil languange which kami langsung tak paham :D

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