Package & Accomodation for Langkawi Trip

This is maybe too late but it can be your reference or mine (Syawal,nak guna ni as your reference for your honeymoon pun boleh) :D

Langkawi Trip 2011
Date: 29 Apr 20011-2 May 2011
Time: 2230 Arrived Lagkawi, 0000 Arrived KL
Flight Ticket : We managed to get the cheapest price as Air Asia had offer BIG SALE in last February.
Package: We got the package during MATTA Fair last March

Here are the items that include in our package :

Transport from airport-hotel-airport
2xrooms with breakfast for 3D 2N
Trip to Pulau Payar + snorkeling (if you want do diving add-on RM 140)
Island Hoping - Pulau Dayang Bunting, Pulau Beras Basah, Eagle Feeding
Rental Car for 24Hrs

For above package is RM334/person. Tell me guys, is that cheap or nope?

My Hotel where we were stayed for 3days 2night

View in the room. Excuse my friends as we’re too tired.Just wanna sleep.

View from our balcony.We can see Dataran Lang and jetty. Cool!

This hotel quite far with Pantai Chenang,tapi tapi amat amat dekat dengan Haji Ismail Group and kedai-kedai coklat yang lain. Dekat jugak dengan Perfume World. Jalan kaki je. 3-5minit dah sampai. Kedai makan pun dekat. Malam-malam makan kat depan hotel je. Sedap pun sedap! Highly recommend makan kat restoran (tak ingat nama tapi ada bunyi cafe kat belakang)  .Memang sangat puas hati. Sedap and murah pun murah.

menu dorang unique.berat tu woo

  Siapa yang nak amek package yang sama or yang lain, contact Kak Zila 0123143834

 Percayalah, kakak ni sangat cool. Dia orang local, so kalau sesat ke, nak tanya makan mana best, tanya je kakak ni. Service tip top!

 For details about the hotel, you may refer their official website :

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